A place to call home

We believe everyone is looking for a place to belong – a place to call home

We are a hope-filled, thankful community, from many backgrounds and nations who have found life in Jesus. Encountering His presence through a culture of worship & prayer is important to us; it’s a life posture that changes us from the inside out; it’s an invitation to partner with Jesus to graciously bring transformation to the town we love and the people we do life with. We love to gather together, so when we’re scattered across our communities and families, we hope to represent Jesus, His grace and compassion, better today than we did yesterday! 

Sundays 10.30am

Upcoming events

Join us as we welcome our new Lead Pastor and celebrate the beginning of our next chapter here at Elim Hope Church.

If you require any pastoral help please call 01785 242373 or email minister@elimhope.church

For any other enquiries please email admin@elimhope.church

Please do not attend any in person service if you have tested positive to covid.